NXT Cool Zone®
Heat Reflective Roof Coating

Tomorrow's Technology Today

NXT Cool Zone® reflects the Sun's heat away from your roof

NXT Cool Zone® is a remarkable new roof coating utilising revolutionary thermal protection technology developed by Nutech Paint to reduce the temperature inside your home during hot weather.

For the first time you can reduce the heat of your roof and live more comfortably without having to sacrifice colour choice. This will save energy and cooling costs and will also reduce greenhouse emissions and the impact of your home on the environment while your roof looks great.

Colour is an important component of building design and traditional deep rich colours are important aesthetics for architects, colour consultants and home owners. Unfortunately dark coloured roofs soak up the Sun's energy increaasing in temperature over the day. The roof tiles transfer this heat to the roof cavity below which subsequently increase in temperature and transfers this heat through the ceiling to the occupied living space below. Roof insulation will delay this process but excessive heat build up in a roof will eventually permeate into the living space.

The best method is to prevent the roof space heating up in the first place, by reflecting heat away from the roof surface. If the surface is prevented from getting very hot the rooms below are kept cooler, reducing cooling costs with lower air conditioning energy consumption.

White, light pastel and silver roofs have always been the best colours for the Australian environment, because they reflect the Sun's heat. However these colours are not always complimentary to house design. In some cases light coloured and reflective roofs are not permitted by Council planning controls. These controls are intended to prevent glare for neighbours and improved visual aesthetics. Councils often require roofs to blend in with the urban environment and colours such as green, brown, red and ochre are encouraged. Many of the standard NXT Cool Zone® colours also comply with Council Planning and Building controls which often require roofs to have a SRV (Solar Reflective Value) of less than 40%. White and light coloured roofs do not meet this requirement having SRVs in excess of 70%.

In these cases consumers want the option of having dark roofs including red, brown, terracotta and even black without compromising the energy efficiency of their home. Until now, design choice has always involved a battle between environmental impact and energy efficiency.

How would you like to choose your roof colour and know that dark colours don't need to be hot colours?

For the first time in Australia owners now have a roof restoration solution which incorporates design flexibility and energy and resource efficiency. NXT Cool Zone® reduces the amount of the Sun's heat that your roof absorbs, dramatically lowering heat build up, even with dark colours such as charcoal, black, greys, dark reds, browns, terracottas, greens and blues.

Conventional dark coloured roof paint, unpainted dirty cement tiles and coloured metal sheeting contain inorganic iron oxides, carbon black and other organic pigments that absorb up to 95% of the Sun's light energy and heat up quickly. In contrast, NXT Cool Zone® is a significant technological breakthrough because it actually reflects between 35% and 91% of the Sun's heat dependng on the chosen colour.

To illustrate this, charcoal coloured new and conventional painted roof tiles have a Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) rating of less than 7% and therefore absorb about 93% of the Sun's heat. Independent testing has shown that new charcoal coloured tiles and older tiles coated with standard charcoal coloured roofing membrane have a TSR of less than 7%.

In contrast NXT Cool Zone® charcoal has a TSR above 35% and reflects 500% more heat than conventional roof paint or new tiles. This is not as good as NXT Cool Zone® White which has a TSR of more than 90%, but few people want a white house roof. White is excellent for a flat or low slope commercial roof, but for most people who do not want a white house roof the next best thing is NXT Cool Zone® heat reflecting roof coating with Thermal Protection Technology.

Enter the NXT Cool Zone®
With advanced Thermal Protection Technology to reflect the Sun's radiation and keeps your roof surface cooler. Reducing heat build up and preventing heat transferance that ensures a cooler more enjoyable living zone.

A Higher Solar Reflectance Equates to a Reduced Heat Build Up

To demonstrate NXT Cool Zone® Heat Reflective Roof Coating technology we painted two tiles in the same charcoal colour as demonstrated in the diagram above.

The diagram forms three distinct areas and demonstrates the Solar Relectance of both surfaces under the same conditions. The first zone indicates UV light which we cannot see with the naked eye. The second is the visible light spectrum which the human eye can detect and forms our field of vision. The final region from 700-2500 nanometers is the infrared (IR) region. These larger wavelengths are invisible to the eye yet contain half of the heat or solar energy that reaches the earth. Despite not being able to see the wavelengths we can feel the effects with heat absorbed by dark colours such as bitumen and dark surfaces that often radiate this heat in the form of a visible heat haze which we can see and also feel the heat being radiated.

The graph depicts the dramatic difference in the two surfaces ability to reflect light in the higher wavelengths and defines the Solar Reflectance capacity of each surface. Within the infrared region the NXT Cool Zone® coated tile performs significantly better than a tile coated in a standard acrylic membrane. The abilty to reflect more light and heat energy means less solar energy absorption, which equates to less heat absorption and a reduced heat build up.

NXT Cool Zone® Heat Reflective Roof Coating helps keep your roof and home cooler, without sacrificing colour and design. This nu-technology reduces the amount of sunlight your roof absorbs, dramatically lowering the heat build up.

A Superior Formula Means Sustained Performance and Longevity

NXT Cool Zone® is enhanced with nano technolgy and contains pioneering technolgy for improved water beading and self cleaning properties. Independent tests have shown that this same technology that has been incorporated within TileFlex2000®, and is now utilised within NXT Cool Zone® will also:

  • Repel dirt and contamination
  • Prevent discolouration and growth of moss and lichen
  • Prevent fading of colour or loss of surface gloss due to moisture, temperature and UV light
  • Provide total waterproof protection and to stop peeling and cracking.

Nutech has successfully used this nano technology in the TileFlex 2000 ® roof coating system for more then 14 years with more than 300,000 roofs in Australia and overseas successfully restored. Independent testing by the CSIRO in 1998 confirmed these shared features of TileFlex 2000 ®. NXT Cool Zone® continues this tradition, combining the self cleaning, gloss and 100% water proofing benefits with advanced Thermal Protection Technology.

Manufacturer's 12 Year Warranty

NXT Cool Zone® is no ordinary paint. This revolutionary coating combines advanced thermal protection technology developed exclusively by Nutech Paint over more than 40 years with the special properties of nano technology to deliver superior performance.

Nutech is proud to offer Australia's first 12 Year Manufacturer's Warranty from a major company. Refer to Nutech's NXT Cool Zone® Warranty documentation for full warranty details and conditions.

NXT Cool Zone® is guaranteed not to peel, fade or crack subject to correct surface preparation, product selection/quantity and application conditions.