EPiC – Australian Standard Colours

Vibrant Colours Manufactured from Durable Fade Resistant Pigments

EPiC Range

EPiC is Nutech Paint's premium Engineered for Performance Industrial Coatings range. This comprehensive range of durable, reliable and functional primers and topcoats suit a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

The colours dislayed have been prepared as a reference to the complete Australian Standard AS2700 – Colour standards for general purpose – range of colours. Also provided is an easy cross reference to the British Standard BS381C.

EPiC Industrial Tinting System

The colours shown are available across the extensive EPiC range of products, tinted from Nutech's unique EPiC Industrial Tinting System. Our tinting system provides colour matching on a wide range of colours from AS2700 or your own corporate or special colours.

These colours are available across the following paint ranges:

  • EPiC Quick Dry Enamel
  • EPiC Industrial Enamel
  • EPiC PolyCryl
  • EPIC Epoxy 500

To view a larger colour sample of a selected swatch; hover over each colour to reveal a larger area.

Australian Standard Colours AS2700


Off White

AS2700: Off White

Brit: Y35



AS2700: Cream

Brit: Y34



AS2700: Manilla

Brit: Y45



AS2700: Magnolia

Brit: X32



AS2700: Sand

Brit: Y44



AS2700: Parchment

Brit: Y43



AS2700: Sandstone

Brit: Y53


Olive Yellow

AS2700: Olive Yellow

Brit: Y41


Bronze Olive

AS2700: Bronze Olive

Brit: Y51


Silver Grey

AS2700: Silver Grey

Brit: N24


Storm Grey

AS2700: Storm Grey

Brit: N42



AS2700: Eucalypt

Brit: G52



AS2700: Slate

Brit: G64


Ti Tree

AS2700: Ti Tree

Brit: G65



AS2700: Biscuit

Brit: X42



AS2700: Beige

Brit: X43



AS2700: Coffee

Brit: X52


Salmon Pink

AS2700: Salmon Pink

Brit: R42


Vivid Yellow

AS2700: Vivid Yellow

Brit: Y13



AS2700: Sunflower

Brit: Y15


Golden Yellow

AS2700: Golden Yellow

Brit: Y14



AS2700: Buff

Brit: X41


Golden Tan

AS2700: Golden Tan

Brit: X53



AS2700: Glacier

Brit: G42



AS2700: Chartreuse

Brit: G45



AS2700: Jade

Brit: G21


Mint Green

AS2700: Mint Green

Brit: G17


Green Grey

AS2700: Green Grey

Brit: N32



AS2700: Lilac

Brit: P23



AS2700: Blueberry

Brit: P14



AS2700: Plum

Brit: P52


Red Gum

AS2700: Red Gum

Brit: R53



AS2700: Claret

Brit: R55



AS2700: Orange

Brit: X15


International Orange

AS2700: International Orange

Brit: R11



AS2700: Waratah

Brit: R14



AS2700: Opaline

Brit: G32


Blue Jade

AS2700: Blue Jade

Brit: T24


Pale Blue

AS2700: Pale Blue

Brit: B35


Sky Blue

AS2700: Sky Blue

Brit: B45



AS2700: Aqua

Brit: B25


Grey Blue

AS2700: Grey Blue

Brit: B43


Light Grey Blue

AS2700: Light Grey Blue

Brit: B44


Bright Blue

AS2700: Bright Blue

Brit: B23


Mountain Blue

AS2700: Mountain Blue

Brit: T51

Navy Blue

AS2700: Navy Blue

Brit: B13



AS2700: Turquoise

Brit: T15



AS2700: Malachite

Brit: T14


Pastel Grey

AS2700: Pastel Grey

Brit: N12


Light Grey

AS2700: Light Grey

Brit: N35


Birch Grey

AS2700: Birch Grey

Brit: N25


Bridge Grey

AS2700: Bridge Grey

Brit: N44


Blue Grey

AS2700: Blue Grey

Brit: N53


Dark Grey

AS2700: Dark Grey

Brit: N64


Bottle Green

AS2700: Bottle Green

Brit: G11


Rich Blue

AS2700: Rich Blue

Brit: B11

EPiC Australian Standard Colour range

Any colour you want…
as long as it's

Nutech Paint Colour Matching Service

Should you have a colour that complements your manufactured items, corporate colour or brand identification and it is not within the spectrum of the Australian Standard Colours then rest assured we can match any colour to meet your every requirement.

With over 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing paint we have extensive experience in matching any colour across the range of the EPiC and Nutech Paint products.

Should you have a specified colour from any manufacturer or a sample swatch just contact us and we will clarify your colour and create a sample to match your desired outcome.

Important Note

These colours are a guide to the range produced for the Standards Association of Australia under AS2700-1996. The colour names have reference to British Standards which are used for many industrial tinting applications. The colours shown are as close as possible to the actual colour of the paint. The paint itself will appear darker on large areas and shade variations may occur from product to product or as the gloss level is varied.

When selecting colours, please confirm that your choice is available in a coating that meets the performance specifications for your application. When colour matching to AS2700 colours is necessary, reference should be made to the Australian Standard AS2700 and its associated colour swatches.