PaveCoat® – H20 Concrete Sealer

Water-Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer

Nutech PaveCoat H2O is a single pack water-based acrylic concrete sealer and has been developed to achieve excellent penetration and adhesion characteristics to overcome the problems associated with traditional concrete sealer solutions in organic solvents. PaveCoat H2O forms a tough film on the surface. PaveCoat H2O concrete sealers are widely distributed in Australia in a wide range of colours and custom tinting.

Typical Uses

  • Concrete driveways
  • Garage floors
  • Factory floors and workshops
  • Stencil and slate impression concrete


PaveCoat H2O has been designed to provide a concrete treatment which has excellent waterproofing and non-wearing performance similar to equivalent organic solvent solution acrylic sealers without the associated environmental problems.

  • Manufactured from a high quality fine particle size acrylic emulsion
  • Designed as a two coat system on high density surfaces
  • Suitable for sealing Interior & Exterior concrete surfaces
  • Displays excellent durability on Interior and Exterior surfaces
  • Fair – Good Chemical and Oil resistant
  • The sealer has Low Odour, Low Toxicity and Non Flammability characteristics
  • Excellent protection against Fading or Leaching of Oxides in concrete
  • Excellent protection against Staining or Marking due to contaminants including Grease and Oil
  • Excellent Pigment dispersion and is water reducible to suit different application substrates
  • Excellent Gloss and colour retention
  • Improved hardness and flexibility
  • Rapid drying and reduced recoating downtime
  • Improved ultra violet light resistant and non yellowing
  • Moisture vapour permeable to avoid blistering risks
  • Water clear transparency and water resistant
  • Good resistance to discolouration
  • Resistance to hot tyre pick up after curing time has passed.

Application & Features

Equipment and Tools

Broom, roller, brush or airless spray is recommended, subject to suitable surface preparation.

Test Patch

It is highly recommended that applicators test any Nutech system first as each surface profile varies significantly with individual conditions.

Sealing New Concrete Surfaces:


Clean all concrete before applying PaveCoat H20 Concrete Sealer.

On smooth concrete and hardened surfaces it is also necessary to etch the surface to improve surface porosity. This includes slate impression concrete, polished or ground concrete, stone dust and colour hardened concrete, steel trowelled concrete and smooth trowelled joint and border lines.

Nu EcoSafe Strip Safe Etch is broomed over the concrete and allowed to penetrate for several minutes. Thoroughly flush the surface with water to remove the Etch solution and allow to dry completely before sealing.

High pressure water blast (> 2000 Psi) to remove concrete salts and dust (efflorescence), dirt and contamination.

Application Guidelines


6 m2 per litre


Thin first coat 15%-20%, No thinning is required for subsequent coats.

Ensure first coat saturation to assist penetration into the concrete surface and guarantee satisfactory adhesion.

More than two coats of a light coloured sealer may be required on concrete or when over coating a darker surface.

In winter new concrete is usually cold and wet on the surface for at least 2-3 days and sometimes for up to one week. Sealing of this concrete is not recommended until the surface has started to whiten indicating adequate curing.

If inadequate sealer thickness is applied on new concrete, some efflorescence (salt whitening) may occur for a short period. This white powder can usually be washed off easily and should cease after several months. The application of one or two additional coats of sealer can prevent the appearance of white salts.

Although PaveCoat H2O Concrete Sealer will prevent surface powdering of the concrete, sealers do not appreciably increase the hardness of the concrete surface.

Soft or damaged concrete should not be sealed with PaveCoat H2O Concrete Sealer without special surface treatment to stabilise and harden the concrete.

Sealing & Resealing Old Surfaces

Remove all grease, oil, food, contamination and flaking paint before sealing or re-sealing.

Note: Nutech Nu EcoSafe High Strength Degreaser should be used to remove oil and grease.

All cleaners, chewing gum, food, silicon and acrylic paint should be completely removed from the concrete before PaveCoat H2O Concrete Sealer is applied.

Thorough testing is recommended before applying PaveCoat H2O Concrete Sealer over a previously sealed surface to ensure compatibility.

Before applying PaveCoat H2O Concrete Sealer do not etch the concrete if there is an existing sealer or coating on the surface because coating delamination will occur.

Curing Time:

Curing time is dependant on temperature.

At 25°C Water-based Concrete Sealer will be touch dry in 30 minutes.

Allow a minimum of 1 hour between coats in warm weather and longer in cool weather. In cold weather allow additional time.

Full curing is not achieved for up to one week.

Avoid parking vehicles for several days in cold weather and 3-4 days in very hot weather.

Do not park vehicles with hot tyres on newly applied Water-based Concrete Sealer for at least five days.

Clean Up:

Use water

Application Warnings

  • Avoid sealing when rain or dew is expected within 24 hours. Any contact with moisture within the first 24 hours will damage newly applied sealer.
  • Avoid washing for 7 days after application.

Refer to Nutech Material safty Data sheet for additional safety and user information.

Slip Hazard

Sealing of smooth and sloping concrete surfaces will reduce pedestrian and vehicle safety.

Adding one or two 400gram packets of Nutech Anti-Slip Additive per 20 litres in the final coat of PaveCoat H2O Concrete Sealer will reduce slipping and improve pedestrian safety.

Nutech Anti-Slip Additive is not adequate on steep concrete therefore PaveCoat H2O Concrete Sealer is not recommended for sealing very steep and smooth concrete.

Refer to your Nutech specialist for alternative coating recommendations on steep smooth surfaces.

Important Note

The information given in this data sheet is based on many years experience and is correct to the best of our knowledge. However as the use of our product is beyond our control we can only be responsible for the quality of our product at the time of dispatch. For additional information about specifications or application please contact our company. As this information is of a general nature we cannot assume responsibility for individual use.