Additional Nutech Ranges

Custom and Small Release Products

As part of a diverse range of Products, Nutech is constantly innovating. Some of these products are available though select distributors and channels, or as limited stock from Nutech Paint.


Rubber Liner - Protection and Style

Using recycled tyres and enhanced with Self-Cleaning Nano Technology, Bullyliner™ single component, water-based rubber coating, vulcanizes rubber on almost any surface including… Metal, Concrete, Wood, Plastic and Asphalt all cured in ambient air! Applied to almost any surface by Roll, Brush or Spray-on is like lining any surface with rubber tyres.

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Half the Weight, Twice the Volume

Mortarlite™ is a patented lightweight roof tile bedding mortar that is both strong and versatile. Developed specifically for roof contractors it is certified to a Type M Rating and weighs only half that of standard cement and sand mortar mixes. Pre-mixed ensures a consistency of quality across all your jobs.

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