Nutech Paint's – Roof Coatings Range

Over 40 years of experience in developing exceptional solutions across any roof coating surface you may encounter.

We manufacture Australia's most comprehensive range of professional quality roof coatings and preparation products backed by industry standard manufacturer's warranties.

This extensive range has evolved from experience and development to cover multiple situations and surface conditions. All our surface preparation products and sealers are fully compatible with the Nutech topcoat colour systems to ensure a perfect finish. We are confident that you will find an appropriate solution that will achieve your desired result.

Nutech's topcoat range consists of the following:

  • NXT Cool Zone
  • TileFlex
  • NuFlex

While preparation and surface primers comprises:

  • SupaPrime
  • Master Sealer
  • General Purpose Primer
  • Anti-Corrosion Metal Primer
  • NuPrime
  • Elite Terracotta Prime H2O
  • Maxi Point

Topcoat & Protective Roof Coatings

NXT roof coating with 12 year warranty

NXT Cool Zone

NXT Cool Zone is a revolutionary heat reflective, low VOC, high gloss acrylic roof coating that utilises Thermal Protection Technology to reduce the heat of your roof and subsequently the living space below.

Available in our range of 36 colours including dark and rich contemporary colours, colour choice no longer has to be sacrificed at the expense of energy efficiency.

Drinking water safe and backed by a 12 year manufacturer's warranty this is our premium quality roof coating range.

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Tileflex roof coating with 10 year warranty


Tileflex is infused with self cleaning nano technology to perform like no other roof coating. These micro qualities significantly increase the gloss on application and retain the cleanliness and lustre of that new look roof for longer than a standard gloss acrylic roof coatings.

Drinking water safe and back by a manufacturer's 10 year warranty.

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Nuflex roof coating with 8 year warranty


NuFlex is a technologically advanced 100% gloss acrylic roof and masonry surface coating designed to be colour fade resistant and non yellowing to guarantee maximum durability.

It will maintain it's performance characterisitcs under the most adverse weather conditions.

Drinking water safe and backed by a manufacturer's 8 year warranty.

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Roof Coating Primers & Preparation Products

Supa prime tile primer


SupaPrime is an extremely tough, flexible, easy to use environmentally friendly water-based primer specifically designed and formulated to maximise primer penetration into the surface of powdery oxidised cement roof tiles.

Drinking water safe and compatible with all our topcoats.

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Master sealer primer

Master Sealer

Master Sealer is a technically advanced high quality roof primer specifically designed to be used on stable cement roof tiles which do not have a powdery oxidised surface after cleaning to maimise topcoat adhesion and durability.

Drinking water safe and compatible with all our topcoats.

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General purpose primer

General Purpose Primer

GP Primer is a general purpose primer with a high solids content designed to be used as a filler coat on very rough and porous cement roof tiles, which will maximise and improve the overall appearance, gloss and coverage of topcoats.

Drinking water safe and compatible with all our topcoats.

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Nuflex metal primer

Anti-Corrosion Metal Primer

Australia's best selling single pack acrylic metal roof primer. Providing excellent chemical resistance and topcoat adhesion.

Recommended for correctly prepared zinc, galvanised and bare metal surfaces. Can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray equipment.

Drinking water safe.

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Nuprime surface primer

NuPrime Surface Primer

NuPrime surface primer is an extremely fine particle size acrylic primer specifically designed for powdery roof tiles and concrete surfaces most frequently with weathered aged texture.

This economical coating is designed to provide deep penetration ensuring topcoat adhesion. It is a non-yellowing clear primer which is fully compatible with all Nutech topcoat systems.

Drinking water safe.

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Elite Terracotta Prime H2O

Elite Terracotta Prime H2O is a water based solvent free primer specifically developed with adhesion enhancing properties on metals, non-porous, dense and smooth substrates. It is designed for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, achieving high adhesion without the need for etching or using solvents. Ideally suited for the application under Nutech roof coatings.

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Maxi point roof tile bedding compound

Maxi Point

Maxi Point is a viscous ready to use water-based roof pointing mortar that is easy to use and very flexible, waterproof and durable.

Available in a range of colours it is also paintable to suit any old, new or renovated roof.

Drinking water safe.

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Important Note

These colours are a guide to the range produced with the 36 standard colours of Nutech Paint. The colours shown are as close as possible to the actual colour of the paint. The paint itself will appear darker on large areas and shade variations may occur from product to product or as the gloss level is varied.

When selecting colours, please confirm that your choice is available in a coating that meets the performance specifications for your application. When colour matching to precise colours is necessary, reference should be made to a colour sample.